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A truly distinct Orthodox Tea. Here at Peermade, we make Orthodox Tea. We do this because we truly understand tea at an elementary level, and we want to share this tradition with the world.

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    What makes Peermade tea so special?

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    The people of these hills have worked with tea for generations just to bring you the very best.

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    Every sip of our orthodox tea carries the distinct qualities that make a place like Peermade.

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    We weren’t adrift, we were creating the finest tea experiences, over generations, over the vast tapestry of time.

    The myths that kept us alive

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    Grown and harvested at our family owned farms in the Western Ghats Of Kerala.

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      Tea Tour

      “Our tea tours are curated with a simple desire in mind, we want to create a more informed tea drinker by the end of it.”

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        Peermade Luxury Weekend

        “The Misty Mountain luxury experience is unique in that we offer you much more than luxury comforts, but distinct memories of a moment in time rooted to this land.”

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          Legends & Myths

          “The most revealing details of Peermade lie in the myths..”

          Read about the Legends Of Peermade