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It’s More Than Tea, Its Immersion

Our tea tours are curated with a simple desire in mind, we want to create a more informed tea drinker by the end of it. It doesn't matter what knowledge you may possess when you first arrive at Peermade. Our challenge is to make you walk away with a smile and some appreciation for the history and making of our tea.

We will tell you where the orange in Orange Pekoe came from, we will tell you about what makes the tea in these lands so distinct, we will let you partake in the tactile, hands-on experience of picking tea, we will slip in stories about the lore of the land from whence the tea came, we will even tell you of how tea came to be associated with the subcontinent.

As you go on our tea tour, the sensory pleasures that Peermade offers become immediately apparent, the birdsongs speak of many histories and the barking deer, if you’re lucky to spot it, will handover a shy secret of the land. It will tell you about the lives of the people who made this place their home. Our tea tours are not just about information, it is immersion.

Afterwards, sit in our outdoor patio, have a cup of tea at leisure and snack on our freshly baked cookies. Take a few pictures of family, friends, and nature, and let’s call it a day well spent. As the slopes of Peermade are overcome by nightfall, you could make your way to our restaurant for a wholesome meal or a light snack.

Our tours begin with the leaf itself, a single tea leaf carries within in stories, contexts, and most importantly mimesis. A leaf from Peermade is special. It grows in a rather unique climate, far from frigid, but also far from sweaty hot. Each tea bush is imbued with the qualities of the land, of the mist, the green canopies as far as the eye can see. We have a careful eye towards our fields, scanning them for the vagaries of weather that is par for the course in a hill town.

We tend to them carefully, picking our leaves in shorter cycles in order to get the ideal tender leaf primed for manufacture. We have our best people on the field, who have an eye for the leaf, people who have invested their lives in producing great tea. We could tell you about Mani. who has worked with tea for decades, who just weighs fragments in his palms, telling you accurately if the tea has been sifted right. Maybe you could meet Appukuttan, who has the perfect wisdom to know how much wood is required to dry the ideal cup of jet black tea.

Here at Misty Mountain, we are invested in showing you how the best cup of tea is made, from leaf to the factory, all the way to your cup.

The Classic Tea Tour

Our classic tea tour includes a guided, detailed tour through our factory, it’s unique processes, an audiovisual feature, as well as a traditional tea tasting. We want to give you genuine insights into our process, as well as tell you a thing or two you may have never known about tea making.

The Premium Tea Tour

Imagine waking up in your cabin at dawn, with birdsong in the air, as well as a hearty breakfast. Our jeep comes to pick you up for a tour of our sprawling estate. You will have a complete view of every atomized process in tea making, we start with the leaf itself. The rich, unique, natural conditions of our estate also facilitates other crops, as well as wildlife, that you can observe from the jeep. After the factory tour and the tea tasting, we serve a sumptuous lunch at our lounge.

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