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Here at Peermade, we make Orthodox Tea. We do this because we truly understand tea at an elementary level, and we want to share this tradition with the world. What is this tradition and why does it matter? It starts right from when we pluck our leaves, seasoned hands tending to them with utmost care.

Hands that can discern quality, hands that carry memories of years of expertise. These hands ensure every single cup carries the distinct insignia of tradition, all the way from the picking, the rolling process that makes the leaves supple, the oxidizing that imbues the tea with all it’s mysteries, and finally, the drying so it can eventually end up a finished artisanal product on your kitchen shelves.

Here at Peermade, we’ve run a century-old estate. In some small way, the history of Peermade carries within it the history of tea in India. We’ve seen history unfurl before our eyes, the Raj leaving the country, which brought us to the Nehruvian era where most of our tea was sold to CTC manufacturing for export to Russia.

Commerce can be cold and cruel, so we took it upon ourselves to restore our legacy and start a factory that was dedicated to making quality Orthodox tea. We hadn’t forgotten our roots, many estates in Peermade were still in the business of making great Orthodox tea through the Nehruvian era, we want to bring this reputation back not just for ourselves, but for Peermade. That is why our factory has the best of the old and the new, essentially the best machinery to make the best product. That is why every cup of Misty Mountain tea carries something of a vision.

    We can’t entirely take the credit, the terrain does the heavy lifting.

    Ours is a mid-grown tea, grown at an altitude of 3,500 feet in an extremely distinct and biodiverse environment, which reflects in the unique liquor we produce. At the end of our orthodox process and stringent leaf standards, is a rich, robust liquor that is not afraid of being a bit iconoclastic.

    Most of the bespoke teas from India boast of a light, almost amber colour and unmistakable, delicate floral notes. You will find that Peermade goes against the grain when it comes to notions about fine Indian tea. Ours is a rich, luscious auburn, redolent of the unique fragrances of the Western Ghats. With our tea, we want to give tea drinkers something new, something that stands out and isn’t afraid of being itself, and perhaps usher in a whole new generation of tea connoisseurs.

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