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First Flush - Flowery Orange Pekoe

Rs. 360.00
Consisting of only the finest, hand-picked tea leaves, our First Flush Flowery Orange Pekoe has a delightfully rich flavour. The very first plucking of the harvest season gifts this tea a pleasing aroma and a perfectly balanced body.

Origin: Our tea is grown, harvested and manufactured in the pristine plantation town of Peermade (Western Ghats of Kerala).

All our green leaf is grown in our family owned estate which ensures that your tea is delivered to you absolutely fresh and directly from the farmer!

Tasting notes: A brisk, bright full-bodied liquor with a wonderfully refreshing aroma

Preparation tips:Use one tea spoon per cup of boiling water. For a lighter tea brew for about 3 minutes. If you prefer your tea strong brew for 4-5 minutes.
Best had black. Does not pair well with milk as dairy overpowers the complex, layered flavours of well made whole leaf tea. Add sugar/honey/lemon if required.

Health Benefits: Drinking tea is associated with a whole host of health benefits including reduced cholesterol levels, reduced stress levels and blood sugar, better oral hygiene to name only a few.

Best before 18 months from date of manufacture
Approx. 70-75 cups