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How to Brew

You might have been to tea tastings where the process of making a cup of tea is imbued with so much finesse that the ordeal might seem daunting! We’re here to say that tea is a fundamentally easy drink to brew, all it takes is some hot water, a kettle or infuser, and tea leaves. Really hard to go wrong with three elements right?

For Peermade tea, boil the water, but not all the way until it is bubbling and infernal! Add tea leaves to your kettle or infuser and gently pour in the water. Now let it steep for about 3-5 minutes, this part is up to you and how strong a brew you’d like!

While we encourage our tea to be had without any additives, we understand that many people like their tea with honey, sugar, milk, even spices. However, to really savour the qualities of Peermade, try it out straight from the kettle to the cup, we guarantee our liquor provides an interesting experience on it’s own two feet!
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