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Grown and harvested at our family owned farms in the Western Ghats Of Kerala, Misty Mountain spices are carefully selected for you from the very best of our crop.

These hills that have been our home for generations are also known as the ‘Sahyadri’ - A jewel in the crown of the erstwhile Travancore state and a pioneer in the spice trade of kerala, this biodiverse region has long been famed for its bountiful harvests of some of the most aromatic and flavourful spices in the world.

Pepper: 60 gms
Cardamom: 40 gms
Cloves : 40 gms
Cinnamon : 20 gms

📄 Nutritional Information

    We are committed to sustainable farming and provide safe to eat, premium produce.

      Our spices are harvested in small batches to ensure that they are fresh and reach the final consumer within a short window, ensuring they are consumed with all of their natural goodness. As farmers we are able to ensure that the best of our produce is kept aside for our loyal customers.

      Frequently asked questions

      How many cups of tea can be made from a 100gms of Tea?

      A cup of tea requires approximately 2-2.5gms of Tea leaves. Therefore one can brew about 40-50 cups of Tea with a 100gms of our product.

      What are specialty Tea’s?

      Specialty Tea’s such as Silver Tips and Orange Twirl are made from the finest quality of leaf that one can harvest from a Tea Field.

      Silver Tips teas are made from selectively picked unopened buds that have a fine silvery coat around them. These tender buds are then shade dried until the requisite character is formed. Made in minimal
      quantities due to the sheer difficulty of the process, Silver Tips are appreciated by Tea connoisseurs across the globe and make for a lovely gift.

      Our Black orange twirl is made from ‘two leaves and a bud’; the most tender of leaves yield the most marvelous flavours. Floral notes and a wonderful aroma make this one of our best Sellers.

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